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"Knowledge is Power"
Commissioned piece. 11x14”, Photoshop
"Autumn Chill"
Mixed Media on paper, 14x21”
Promo image for Weir Space, an online game that launches August 10th, 2013. Find out more at
"Welcome to Mythos"
Private commission featuring the characters of Melissa Davis’s book “Daughter of Mythos”, which you can find here. 

Illustrations from a recent book project, The Lap-Reluctant Cat by Stephanie Bouchard. 

"Center of Attention"
Mixed media, 13 x 20”
"Clockwork Cosmos"
Mixed Media. 18 x 28”.
"Clockwork Hummingbird." 6x9". Ink & Watercolor on paper. 2012.
"Space Turtle Prepares for Landing." Ink & Digital. 2012.
Companion piece to “Song of the Space Turtle.”
"White Tiger of the West." Watercolor & Colored Pencil. 2012.
One of four in a series featuring the Chinese celestial guardians of the compass points.